Jan 30, 2018: Sanctuary DMV Accompaniment Training

On numerous occasions, migrants have been detained during a routine check-in with ICE. They literally disappear without being allowed to inform their friends or relatives, creating panic among their loved ones.

By volunteering to accompany migrants to ICE check-ins, immigration court hearings, and other appointments where there is a risk of detention or other cause of fear, you are showing solidarity and helping to ease the anxiety of interacting with the legal system, reducing the likelihood of detention with your presence, and keeping relatives or lawyers informed in case the person with you is detained.

Before you can accompany someone, you’ll need to do a training on what to expect, roles & responsibilities, etc. Our first training of 2018 will take place on Tuesday, January 30 at 6pm at the Washington National Cathedral. Child care can be made available on request. PLEASE REGISTER HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/q0AtZaSx4J02ZNWf1

Language skills other than English, and access to a car, are useful but by no means necessary.


ICE Retaliates Against Immigrants in Austin After Sheriff Limits Cooperation with Federal Agents (Democracy Now)

“Texas U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Austin said in open court that federal agents had alerted him that ICE would be targeting the area of Austin, Texas. The raids would be retribution for Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s new policy that limited cooperation between local and federal authorities.”


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