Driving for the Dream of Decarceration

Photo by @DaveScarnato. 2020.

On April 27th, at 11 AM, I was in one of about 70 cars snaking their way out of the Giant parking lot at University Mall in Fairfax, Virginia. Signs on our cars read “Liberation not Deportation,” “Fund Public Health Not Incarceration,” “Detention + COVID19 = Death,” and #FreeThemAll. We flashed our hazard lights, honked our horns and followed each other as closely as we safely could across the city.

Sanctuary DMV organizer Kathryn Johnson reflects on a car caravan protest to demand the immediate release of every single person in prison, jail, or a detention center in Virginia.

Phone Calls

Cover image by Peter Jarrett-Schell. 2020.

I have this weird sense of deja vu. I took another call last week. The voice was different, the circumstances almost identical: an undocumented casual worker with COVID diagnosis, trying to protect the people in his life, getting blocked at every turn.

Paster Peter Jarrett-Schell reflects on caring and community in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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