Poetry and Prose

La Libertad Está Aquí

Cover image by Linda Brito. 2020.

I stand hand in hand with my brothers and sisters
Dándonos la paz
As we march to reclaim our freedom

Sanctuary DMV organizer Linda Brito shares poetry resisting imperialism and white supremacy.

The Manager

Photo by Bani Abidi — ‘Jerry Fernandez, 7:45 pm, 21 Aug 2008, Ramadan, Karachi’ from ‘Karachi — Series 1’, 2009.

My parents never told me exactly why Uncle came to live with us, or what he did with his free time. When I asked, my mother would narrow her eyes at me and remind me that he was my uncle, as if that was a complete explanation.

Sanctuary DMV organizer Farah Khan shares a short story on immigration, surveillance, and Islamaphobia.

Cato’s Ceterum Censeo on Ice

Photo by Magus Magnus. “Truth Be Told DC” temporary monument from the Melted Away series by LigaranoReese, 22 September 2018

& so, Ceterum Censeo — I make sense — it makes sense
At any rate, I declare until time’s end, this crime’s end, repeatable ad infinitum
Melt ICE, Crush ICE
Defund ICE, Abolish ICE

Sanctuary DMV organizer Magus Magnus shares poetry on the need to abolish ICE.

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