Sanctuary Churches: Who Controls The Story? (NPR)

“Code Switch’s Adrian Florido has been covering the new sanctuary movement for [NPR]. For this episode, he spoke to key players to understand why hundreds of churches are ready to start a public fight with the current administration to prevent deportations of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.”


Local Lawmakers Fight Back Against AG Sessions’s Threats to Cut Funding to Sanctuary Cities (Democracy Now)

“On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department would withhold billions of dollars in grants to law enforcement agencies in sanctuary cities. In response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and others vowed to defy the order and remain sanctuary cities. For more, we speak with Helen Gym, longtime community activist who was recently elected to the Philadelphia City Council.”

More Than 60 D.C. Area Congregations Launch Network to Protect Immigrants (CityPaper)

“Standing on the steps of the Foundry United Methodist Church on 16th Street NW, faith leaders and practitioners representing more than 60 congregations across the region announced a new network of sanctuary congregations throughout the D.C. area today.”