Rapid Response

Sanctuary DMV is working with immigrants’ rights organizations to set up a DMV-wide Rapid Response Network organized by neighborhood. Each neighborhood Rapid Response sub-network is made up of immigrants and their community allies.

A Rapid Response Network is activated by immigrants targeted by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) or others in the community when (ICE) conducts a home visit, raid, or other enforcement activity. The network will send out an alert about ICE activity at a specific location, and having received the alert, nearby “rapid responders” arrive to:

  • Film the ICE agents (e.g., on Facebook Live or the ACLU’s Mobile Justice app),
  • Document key information (e.g., badge numbers),
  • and help the family members and friends of those targeted with follow-up needs (e.g., connections to pro-bono lawyers, finding child care, etc.)

Objectives of a Rapid Response Network:

  • Increase local awareness that this is happening in our community,
  • Provide immediate support to people who have just had a family member or friend taken by ICE,
  • Reduce the chance of ICE abuse during detentions,
  • Make it more politically costly for ICE to initiate or carry out detentions (i.e., increasing the chance that ICE leaves without apprehending anyone in a home visit where people refuse to open the door), and
  • Create a network that can turn out for follow-up protests, direct actions, and other political responses following a person’s detention to pressure ICE for their release.

How You Can Help

  • Attend a training that will equip you to lead your own community training. Sign up form forthcoming.
  • Lead a training in your congregation, neighborhood, school, or workplace. Sign up form forthcoming.