How to Help

Community Campaign

On January 20, 2017 the DC landscape changed, shifting neighborhood demographics. Show your support for creating an inclusive community in which All Migrants are Welcome by downloading our Sanctuary Logo, and placing it on the door or window of your home, business, or house of worship.

Call Mayor Bowser or your Council Member

  • Mayor Bowser: (202) 724-8052
  • Ward 1: Council member Brianne Nadeau: (202) 724-8181
  • Ward 2: Council member Jack Evans: (202) 724-8058
  • Ward 3: Council member Mary M. Cheh: (202) 724-8062
  • Ward 4: Council member Brandon T. Todd: (202) 724-8052
  • Ward 5: Council member Kenyan McDuffie: (202) 724-8028
  • Ward 6: Council member Charles Allen: (202) 724-8072
  • Ward 7: Council member Yvette Alexander: (202) 724-8068
  • Ward 8: Council member LaRuby May: (202) 724-8045

In your call to Mayor Bowser or your council member, demand that they DO NOT COMPLY with policies that:

  • Tear families apart
  • Hold undocumented inmates in jail at the request of the U.S. immigration agencies
  • Collect information of country of birth or status information AND ensure that DC’s permanent Chief of Police will not cooperate with federal Immigration authorities
  • Establish Muslim registration centers in the district
  • Allow for unchecked police violence committed by the Metropolitan Police Department and the Metro Transit Police Department against Black and Brown D.C. residents
  • Normalize or tolerate racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, anti-immigrant behavior
  • Do anything that compromises the safety and well being of all our immigrant communities.

Volunteer with Sanctuary DMV

  • If you would like to support Sanctuary DMV by volunteering, please fill out our form here
  • If you would like to make a donation, please do so through our PayPal Account. We appreciate your support!